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Three Records Management Solutions to Consider for Your Organization in a Hybrid Work Environment

Whether your employees are working remotely or in-office, secure, efficient, and flexible records management solutions can help your organization run smoothly. The needs of your business in this hybrid work environment may have changed and as employees return to in-office work, the way you were storing or destroying information may again have to adapt as time and space become more valuable. Implementing these three records management solutions can help you optimize the management of your information.

Secure Document Storage

Every inch of space in-office is extremely valuable and as employees have begun to return, offices are realizing that much of the space currently utilized for document storage is needed to accommodate the proper spacing of workstations and other resources that help the business operate day to day. This is where an off-site secure document storage facility can play a big role in records management programs. Secure off-site document storage offers any organization the ability to properly retain active and archival records while still being able to retrieve whenever needed. Additionally, your business can benefit from the increase in security that a 24/7 monitored facility provides.

We know what you may be asking. Why don’t I just use a self-storage unit to store my documents then? Besides self-storage units being a more costly option, the risk of fire or theft associated with self-storage units creates all sorts of compliance issues. Add in having to ask employees to drive and physically retrieve files and the risk increases significantly. Because of this, off-site document storage becomes the clear choice when mapping out your records management program.

Certified Document Shredding

How are remote employees destroying documents that are past their retention? If you are like the many clients we have talked to recently, specific guidelines have not been given to personnel on how to accomplish this task. Thankfully, with secure mobile document shredding as part of your records management program, the headache of destroying documents remotely is relieved. Even as employees begin to return to in-office activity, having a recurring document shredding program established helps prevent the loss of information once it is no longer needed, and assists any business in maintaining compliance with information destruction and data protection regulations. The unfortunate reality is, a breach of information caused from a seemingly negligent act of leaving a document exposed for anyone to see, can lead to some hefty fines and the possible closure of your business. The solution is simple: certified mobile document shredding. Why risk it?

Document Scanning

In any solid records management program, information is easily accessible and distributable to personnel. Speed and the nature in which your organization responds to requests from clients and vendors is also directly related to having efficient and streamlined access to documents right when they are needed. So, when an employee is unable to review a document because they are working remotely, issues can arise very quickly.

Document scanning solves these issues by converting hard copy documents into digital files that can be shared seamlessly across your organization. Not only are your documents converted to digital, but also indexed according to your specifications, creating easily searchable files for all personnel.

Next Steps

Records management programs should be tailored to your business’ specific needs, and if they aren’t, asking how we can improve the policies and procedures we have in place is a good start to getting on the road to efficient management of information. As you conduct your analysis feel free to reach out to one of our records management consultants, who can help you devise a plan tailored to impact the security, efficiency, and overall cost of properly managing information.

Posted by Williams Data Management | 01.13.21

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