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​" A record is an asset if it is secure and retrievable, a liability if it is not"

How might your business life be easier if you had a professional archiving service to store, manage, retrieve & deliver your files when you needed them?

In today's business environment, records storage is a critical service. With the increase in statutory requirements for records retention and the desire for professional business managers to be able to access their important information immediately, the storage of business records in secure facilities is paramount.

File Solutions' storage is cost effective, provides a high level of security to protect against unauthorized access or accidental damage of your files and records and best of all you know exactly what records you have stored and can retrieve them efficiently.

Legal Firms

Law firms generate an unusually high volume of documents. In the legal profession, paper records storage and management continues to be an important challenge that requires careful administration. Lawyers invest in their files, filing resources, and...​

Non-profit Organizations

These organizations face a common problem: not enough staff and funding. Finding particular reports or memos becomes more of a fulltime job than a simple procedure for individuals. Usually the records of these organizations are organized randomly. A ...


To comply with regulatory requirements, medical facilities often devote valuable and limited space to the storage of medical records. Most of this information will never be referenced again. Moreover, Medical Records Managers must ensure that it is ...


We understand that in this industry production and distribution channels are not paperless. The “paperless office” remains an abstract target for most companies and organizations, to accomplish in the future.    Companies will ...


Retail organizations face many challenges when protecting and managing records. Our team helps to control and protect valuable business data. We work closely with your team to analyze current needs and deliver solutions that...

Energy And Utilities

Energy companies must manage different types of records to successfully run their business. Corporate documents, plant and facility drawings and related documentation are of great value to these companies. Minimizing risk with a Records Management ...​

Architectural & Construction Companies

In an industry where architectural firms produce a variety of over-sized documents and specialized materials such as drawings, renderings, maps, designs, contracts, and digital CAD files you or your firm may be required to retain these documents and ...


Information, the lifeblood of any organization, has unparalleled value in the insurance industry. File Solutions Ltd. helps protect this vital asset through a reliable and proven approach to total information management. Whether you are a records manager, ...

Public Sector & Government

File Solutions Ltd. services are especially suitable for the Public Sector and Government. We can offer secure and confidential storage and destruction of records. These safe and effective information solutions can reduce costs and increase productivity in ...


In an industry where each transaction generates a record, the management of information consumes valuable physical and personnel resources. This is why banks and financial institutions around the world turn to Records Managers like File Solutions Ltd. to ...

Other Business And Home Office

Records management used to be a solution only to the management of records which were not in everyday use but still needed to be kept. Today it covers the entire ‘ life-cycle’ of records including active records. File Solutions Ltd. is an outsource ...

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