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About Us

The Resources Of A Large Company  
                     The Flexibility Of A Small Company
                                           The Know-How Of A Local Company

Locally Owned

File Solutions Ltd. is an independent records storage and management company located in Lethbridge, serving all of Southern Alberta. Our list of satisfied clients reads like a Who's Who in business. Among our clients are prestigious law and accounting firms, multinational agriculture companies, award-winning engineering firms and oil companies. While some competitors emphasize their national scope, we pride ourselves on our Southern Alberta roots and our long-time, personal relationships with our clients. We believe that we provide a value-added service that the big guys can't offer: The peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly who is safeguarding your vital records.

Founded in 2006, the genesis File Solutions Ltd began when its owner, Jim Ehlert discovered business storing their records in self-storage units. There was a need for a more sophisticated solution that not only protected the records, but allowed for tracking and immediate retrieval down to the file level. With an investment in a facility and technology, and a mission to provide exceptional service, File Solutions Ltd was born.


In the years since its inception technology has been a staple of the business in order to provide File Solutions customers with a full array of services from storage, retrieval, imaging, destruction, health information management to data protection. As a local records center dedicated to the local market, File Solutions has fully executed on its commitment to personal customer service, knowing each customer by name and tailoring a program built around their needs.



Secure Storage

File Solutions client retention is unmatched in an industry where client defection has been routine. File Solutions focuses on the immediate needs of each client and tailors solutions around their specific needs by providing them with smart storage solutions that makes smart business and financial sense. While the world struggles with compliance and other records management issues, File Solutions Ltd clients continue to enjoy records management as a low stress, cost-effective, risk-adverse requirement.


File Solutions maintains the same dedication to excellence in customer service as it did at inception in the 2000,s Yet today a level of sophistication has been added that comes with emerging technologies and improved service efficiencies.


We respect our clients as equal partners who deserve our complete attention and support. Our reputation is based on earning and maintaining the confidence of our clients by continually striving to understand their needs completely and using all resources at our disposal to meet or exceed those needs.


We believe that our investment in personnel, materials, and technology allows us to multiply our operating efficiencies in our areas of expertise. We share this value with our clients by offering services that lower their operating costs, improve productivity, and liberate resources our clients can use better in their core area of operations.


We understand the physical and mental harm caused by injuries and accidents, and we commit ourselves to educate both our employees and our clients in safe working practices. We will work to continually maintain a clean and sound environment for working and for the preservation of information.


We are constantly on guard against external or internal criminal or malicious activity that could injure personnel or damage information assets in our care. We recognize our duty to maintain the integrity of our facilities, processes, vehicles, and personnel.


Our business decisions, company policies, communication practices and employee actions are based on sound ethical principles. We believe in fair dealings and honest and complete communication with our clients and aspire toward the continuous improvement of our organization.


Our organization is comprised of individuals who work together toward a common goal of exceptional service. We extend this spirit of teamwork and common purpose to our clients, and also to our competitors. We value opportunities to learn from one another in order to improve what we do.

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