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How Does Large Format Scanning Benefit Me?

Scanning helps many businesses improve productivity and efficiency. Another aspect of scanning is large formatted documents. Large documents can be difficult to manage and handle, especially in a large office. Scanning helps to condense the large document into a digital format, so it is easy to collaborate and use anywhere.

Any documents that are ANSI B or higher are typically classed as large format. Some examples include:

• Blueprints

• Maps

• Posters

• Banners

• Engineering drawings

• Circuit diagrams

• Architectural drawings

Essential Benefits of Scanning Large Documents

Boosting Productivity

It’s easier to store, find, send, and access digital files. Even 10 minutes of searching for paper files can quickly add up to a large amount of wasted time. However, a keyword search can quickly track down documents which saves a lot of time.

Simplified Storage and Management

Papers can be difficult to manage and keep organized. This means they’re often boxed and kept in back rooms or other areas. With digital files, they can all be securely stored in one easy-to-manage place like a cloud platform.

Central Storage and Indexing

As documents are scanned, the new digital copies are stored in central locations like cloud platforms or other document management systems. Files are indexed during scanning, so you can sort them by name, date created, file type, and other categories.

Keyword Search and Accessibility

Instead of removing rubber bands and sifting through papers, digital large format documents that are indexed can be found and accessed using a simple keyword search.

Secure Backups and Archiving

Many large-format documents need to be kept for extended periods of time.

Additionally, it only takes a right-click to create a spare copy, so files can be easily and regularly backed up to a separate drive or server.

If you're interested in shredding, scanning, storage services, or more information, let File Solutions Ltd. help you through the process. Additionally, we will make the process as easy as possible.

To get started on your free service quote, email us at info@filesolutions.c

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