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Medical & Pharmaceutical

To comply with regulatory requirements, medical facilities often devote valuable and limited space to the storage of medical records. Most of this information will never be referenced again. Moreover, Medical Records Managers must ensure that it is readily accessible - a task made doubly difficult by the fact that there's no way to predict which records, among the thousands inventoried, may be needed at any point in time.


File Solutions Ltd. offers a secure and reliable solution for addressing your issues of space, productivity, and responsiveness. Our experience and expertise in medical records management can help you achieve lowered overall costs, while maintaining high standards of service to physicians and administrators. You can count on File Solutions Ltd. systems and know-how to:


  • Reduce your costs while increasing security
  • Protect and secure your patients’ records
  • Digitize your patients records easily from physical to electronic health records
  • Provide secure storage, retrieval and access to the information you need
  • Deliver a complete patient record to the point of care
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