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File Solutions provides high-quality large format scanning services for all types of oversized drawings and documents. We expertly scan engineering drawings, architectural drawings, blueprints, site plans, surveys, maps and more.

Once digitized and indexed, oversized documents can be accessed and shared without effort. Having a digital backup of your large format documents results in a multitude of benefits. Ultimately you will save time, money and have peace of mind knowing that your vital data is archived and protected. 


​If you are thinking about going "Paperless" this option is for you. Most records are created electronically then printed, used and archived never to be accessed again until it can be destroyed. To scan ALL the documents would be too costly, especially if the documents may never be accessed and they are merely waiting to be legally destroyed. As an alternative, consider digitizing only the records that become active after going off-site to File Solutions Ltd. We can help implement a cost effective solution utilizing a hybrid of state of the art scanning technology combined with protected hard copy paper storage.

For organizations that keep the majority of their original files in storage, scanning documents is the perfect solution for situations when they need to view a document urgently, but do not necessarily require the original copy. Our highly-trained staff can locate your document, scan it as required, to be accessed on RSWeb or email it direct to your desktop as a TIFF or PDF file. 

image  imaging , file storage digital file storage cost effictive

 Data Entry And Indexing

​​​​​​​Easy access to your vital information requires professional organization. With our SQL driven database, we have the ability to customize an index of your records stored in our facility. Imagine having your paper records electronically sorted and inventoried. File Solutions Ltd. specializes in container level and file folder level cataloging of your information. With this comprehensive service your company will know exactly what records you have and how to get them FAST​​​.

indexing, data entry, documents, file storage,  file folder  free online

 Online Access

RSWeb gives you the ability to lookup, request, and research the index of your records on-line, right at your desk. However, it is much more than just that, you can also print reports, add new records, view scanned documents and edit your offsite records index all online. RSWeb is customizable to your records program.


File Solutions Ltd. can deliver your retrieved information right away. Requests made before 10:00 am can usually be delivered before 1:00 pm. Requests made by 3:00 pm are usually delivered by business closing, and requests after 3:00 pm are delivered by 10:00 am the next day at the standard delivery rate. For requests that need to be expedited, we have a "NEED IT NOW" delivery in less than 1.5  hours 24/7 365 days a year, provided you are in the Lethbridge Area. We can also set up scheduled deliveries for companies storing active files.  Just call, e-mail or use RSWeb. 

we deliver in a timely manner,  same day delivery,  fast freindly service

Set Up and Tracking

When File Solutions Ltd. receives your records, they are scanned and tracked with our laser bar code readers. This process allows us to track the exact location of every item that enters our facility. We also will enter key search criteria to help identify records that may need to be accessed in the future. If more complex indexing is required, you can utilize our data entry/indexing services.       

Secure Storage

​File Solutions Ltd. provides a safe and secure off-site location for your records. Our climate controlled archive is perfect for long or short-term record storage and a great low cost option to archive historical records. If only used as a function of saving space, File Solutions can provide a cost savings, to the customer, of 40% to 60% over Self Storage or maintaining the records yourself.  

Safe Shred Certified Destruction & Retention

A key element in proper records management is maintaining a proper retention schedule. File Solutions Ltd. offers retention date tracking and notification for all records with an assigned retention schedule. When new records are added to our system, we have the option to assign a future destroy date to each container. When that date arrives, you will be notified and given options to retain or destroy the records which are due. We offer several different options to destroy the records including shredding with certification. ​

all boxes are barcoded and indexed before entering our facility, Imaging available on a scan on demand
file storeage is clean orginanizeds and secute,
Document file or hard drive destruction, daily, weekly or  your time pick up

Our Safe Shred process  adopts NAID and HIPPA standards of security

We accept anything computer related for recycling: 

Rest assured that your old data will never be seen again! We wipe all data devices collected using a military standard wiping procedure. 


Data destruction certificates available for commercial wiping



File Solutions Ltd. offers high-quality document scanning and imaging with state-of-the-art technology and provides clients with tailored services to transfer a physical document to an electronic record. The scanned records can then be uploaded to our secure online portal, or returned on a CD, DVD or other portable storage device for internal hosting  ​​​

documnets loaded to comuter on clients desk

Safe Shred Certified Document and Hard Drive Destruction

You are corporately responsible for the privacy of the information you hold. This means protecting it and eventually disposing of it is critically important. Pressure on organizations to destroy information securely is even greater due to the rise of identity theft, fraud and stringent compliance requirements. The good news is that File Solutions Ltd. secure information destruction solutions can help you meet your legislative, compliance and business requirements. We’ll work with you to design an end-to-end, cost-effective solution that’s secure every step of the way. No need to buy your own equipment, use internal resources, or store information longer than you have to. We also give you complete confidence that your information has been destroyed in totally secure conditions. All the paper we shred is recycled, enabling you to play a role in reducing your carbon footprint. All hard drives are degaussed, destroyed and recycled.


Our shredding process adopts NAID and HIPPA standards of security. 


document destructions containers for offsite destruction, picked up weekly daily or at your schedule

"Family Ties Association of Lethbridge is dedicated to strengthening the well being of families in their homes and communities." For this reason,  File Solutions is a proud supporter of Family Ties Association.

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