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Jim Ehlert

Sharon Ehlert

Bruce Nilsson

4-4010 9th Avenue North
Lethbridge, Alberta
 T1H 6T8

      Phone 403-381-3424                                                Email

The Resources Of A Large Company  
                     The Flexibility Of A Small Company
                                           The Know-How Of A Local Company

"I really like File Solutions because it gives me a great way to look after my media copyright originals. with their media storage vault, I am confident that my originals will be in good hands and well preserved for the next 50 years or so--long after ownership transfers to my estate." 


Professional Photographer, Lethbridge Alberta

"Bruce is a great guy to do business with! He clearly understands the need to deliver value." 


Marketing Surgeon, Lethbridge Alberta



"Bruce, As always thanks so much for such great care and service. We really appreciate it​"


Medical Office, Lethbridge Alberta

"I have found that File Solutions provides excellent customer service..... If you need a file, all you have to do is call and it is delivered right to your door. The service is amazing!"


Office Administrator, Lethbridge Alberta


Records and information management is critical to business continuity, legal compliance, customer satisfaction and profitability.  Let us help you discover the perfect solution for your business.

Our organization is comprised of  companies who work together toward a common goal of exceptional service. We extend this spirit of teamwork and common purpose to our clients, and also to our competitors. We value opportunities to learn from one another in order to improve what we do.

"I have done more than 50 outsourcing assessments, Never have I found it cheaper to do it 'in-house'. On several occasions, I have been asked to review earlier assessments already done and in each case, the 'in-house' costs were either not honest or understated."
-Record Management listserv, Robert Bailey

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