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We store hundreds of thousands of files, all bar-coded and tracked.

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​File Solutions Ltd. is an independent records storage and management company located in Lethbridge, serving all of Southern Alberta.


Our list of satisfied clients reads like a Whos Who in business. 

File Solutions Ltd is Alberta  based company that recognizes the need to manage and maintain business critical information. Securing this critical information has become more important as a result of recent legislation and laws passed in the last few years.

Successful management of this data in the modern world of risk, requires the utmost protection, while remaining available at a moment’s notice.File Solutions Ltd offers a wide range of multi-level services to provide safe and secure preservation of vital business information. Call today for a review of your security needs.

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​"I have done more than 50 outsourcing assessments, Never have I found it cheaper to do it 'in house'. On several occasions I have been asked to review earlier assessments already done and in each case the 'in house' cost were either not honest or understated."
-Record Management listserv, Robert Bailey

“At any given time, between 3 and 5 percent of an organization's files are lost or misplaced. The average cost of recreating a document is $180. Annual losses for a Fortune 1000 company with one million files is 5 million dollars." (Survey reported in Information Week)

"It is estimated that the dollar cost of 18 ft.³ of records (the content of a five door letter sized vertical filing cabinet) in an average state office for one year is more than $2,100 per year.” (Oregon State University record management handbook)ok)

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